MINI Citation Says “Nice Parking!”

December 8, 2005
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The latest in a long list of clever MINI advertisements fell into my lap this week – literally. In my latest copy of a buff-book magazine lie this clever MINI “Motoring Citation.” Lest you fear an army of MINI converts tagging cars for parking too close to their premium-compact hatchbacks, the MINI citation is in fact a tightly worded attaboy for good drivers. You’re supposed to pull the citations from the magazine, fill them out and choose one of the following for the driver in question:

01 Nice parking - A good parking job is one of those things in life that is rarely rewarded, but greatly appreciated. Words cannot express how glad we are you resisted the temptation to double park. Please accept this thank you from the rest of the known motoring world.

• 02 Wash me - Congratulations. Your car is absolutely filthy. This means you have really enjoyed motoring in the fullest sense of the word. Keep up the good work.

• 03 Sweet wheels - You are to be commended on your choice of wheels. Wheels say so much about a car's owner. Yours reflect a sense of originality, an understated flair for creativity and bold commitment to driving something that doesn't look like every other car on the road. Congratulations.

• 04 Great bumper sticker- Humor is important, especially when you're stuck in traffic. Without it, we'd all just be getting from point A to point B. But you took the time to change that and never once mentioned your honor student, thanks a lot for that.

• 05 Thanks for going topless - You're motoring in a convertible the way it was meant to be done: Open. And you trusted the world not to rob you blind. And that's special.

• 06 Nice custom - Obviously you've put a lot of work into your car. Your paint is hot. Your wheels are da shizzel. Well done. Everyone loves an original.

• 07 Have a nice day - People often use this salutation but don't really mean it In fact, some uniformed peacekeepers mean the exact opposite. This is not our intention. Honestly, we just want your day to be pleasant and enjoyable. No strings attached.

• 08 Nice mud - Wow, you actually took your SUV off-road. Very cool. Keep it up.

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