Moore Slams GM Again

November 28, 2005
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Celebrity un-American Michael Moore is at it again — and fortunately, unlike his nasty, incoherent, and manipulative attempts at filmmaking, his recent appearance on local radio in Flint, Mich., was only an hour’s worth of misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies.

Moore showed up on Supertalk1570 in Flint to ride General Motors once again over its coming factory closures. Never mind that the painful news was done quickly and clearly to stop the endless speculation of even more drastic cuts. Moore, whose documentary Roger and Me garnered critical praise two decades ago despite its inaccuracies, cynically and cruelly charged on the Dave Barber show that GM made its big plant-closing announcement right before the holidays to “paralyze” employees into inaction.

Ironically, Moore said on the show that it was GM’s “arrogance and stupidity” that led them into their financial situation. Having been charged with the same crimes, it’s easy to see why Moore cannot comprehend the fundamental economics of, and rationale behind, GM’s decision to shut down three assembly plants and cut production elsewhere. Moore, along with many in the domestic auto industry, fails to see how unions are culpable in the insupportable cost structure of U.S. auto industry — through job banks, benefits better than those in any industry in America, and a sense of entitlement greater than the sense of gratitude for good work at a decent wage.

Of course, Moore rambled on the radio show over the course of an hour on the various imagined sins of the Bush administration, re-running his own shameful performance at the Academy Awards. The connection? In Moore's world, there doesn't have to be one to disseminate his anti-corporate, anti-Bush propaganda.

Perhaps one day we’ll all grow tired of Moore in the same way we’ve turned off Cindy Sheehan’s antics, now that her honest heartfelt sentiment has been totally confounded by illogical pursuits and perverted by mean-spirited politics. But until then, it seems Moore’s long and well-earned silence is over. I pity those who can’t tune him out. —Marty Padgett

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