Speaking in tongues

June 10, 2005
My neighbor's kids are out playing basketball in the driveway this morning. Must mean school is out for the year. Talking to these high schoolers can be a challenge, and not just because they think I'm from another planet. Well, maybe I am. We certainly don't speak the same language, nor share the same experiences. It is hard for them to understand who Deep Throat was, whether you're referring to the former FBI leader who helped bring down Richard Nixon, or the notorious Linda Lovelace. Heck, they don't even recognize the term, "you sound like a broken record." Even when Mom was playing Bach to them while they were still in the womb, they were listening to CDs.

Then again, some of the old-timers I know speak funny, too. I only vaguely remember hearing about fender skirts when I was a kid, though I vaguely recall my rich uncle bragging about the curb feelers on his new Caddy when I was eight or nine. Such memories were triggered by a lovely little story by author Stroker Ace that appears in friend Walter Haessner's own blog. Check it out and see what old auto terms you recognize.

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