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March 6, 2007


2008 Audi A5

2008 Audi A5

2008 Audi A5/S5 Preview by Marty Padgett (2/25/2007)
The Nuvolari evolves into a stunner two-door.

Preview by Marty Padgett (3/5/2007)
New two-door spun from Arnage; 550 to be built.

2008 Jaguar XJ Preview by Marty Padgett (2/28/2007)
A more contemporary look – or a bridge to the future?

Volvo V70 Ready for Geneva Debut by TCC Team (2/1/2007)
New wagon is based on S80, gets turbo engine.

Preview by Marty Padgett (3/5/2007)
A cross-country spin on the new V70.

Benz C-Class Gets Diesel in Geneva by Marty Padgett (2/26/2007)
New BLUETEC needs no additives, Benz says.

Lambo Superleggera to Geneva by Henny Hemmes (2/26/2007)
Lightweight Gallardo debuts at 2007 show.

Maserati Gran Turismo Wows Geneva by Richard Yarrow (3/6/2007)
Daring styling, revamped mechanicals for 2+2.

Preview by Henny Hemmes (2/27/2007)
The middle child gets some loving attention.

XKR Gets Portfolio Treatment by Marty Padgett (3/6/2007)
Styling cues, 20-inchers tune up Jag’s look.



Opel Gets OPC, Hottest Corsa Ever by Richard Yarrow (3/6/2007)
OPC drops 60 in 6.8 seconds. Jealous much?

MINI One, Diesel Motor to Geneva by Marty Padgett (3/7/2007)
Newest editions not likely for U.S.

Hyundai i30 Hits Geneva Stage by Richard Yarrow (3/7/2007)
New hatchback is Focus-sized, shaped.

Mazda2 Takes a Geneva Bow by Marty Padgett (3/7/2007)
Subcompact could be coming to the States.

Ford–and 007–Present New Mondeo by Henny Hemmes (2/13/2007)
New sedan spins off wagon seen in Casino Royale.

2007 Skoda Fabia Supermini Grows by Richard Yarrow (12/12/2006)
A bigger minicar? Right next to the jumbo shrimp.

Fiat Abarth Returns at Geneva by Richard Yarrow (3/7/2007)
Famous name applied to new Punto hatchback.

Fiat Bravo, Abarth Meet in Geneva by Richard Yarrow (3/7/2007)
Scorpion badge hits Punto; 500 is next.

Daihatsu Plays Scion xB Again by Henny Hemmes (3/6/2007)
No Euro Scions, but Materia materializes.

Nissan Takes to the X-Trail by Henny Hemmes (3/6/2007)
More giddyup for Nissan’s non-U.S. ute.

Time for Tatas – Ten Years of Them by Henny Hemmes (3/6/2007)
Indian car company gets Elegante for Geneva.

Renault Revisits the Twingo by Henny Hemmes (3/6/2007)
An icon goes under the knife.

BRABUS smarts Scoot to Geneva by Marty Padgett (3/7/2007)
Second-gen smart gets power, styling mods.

Geneva Microbrands: Gumpert, Tramontana by Richard Yarrow (2/27/2007)
Sportscars duel to Geneva, 60 mph.



2007 Dodge Demon concept

2007 Dodge Demon concept

BMW Calls M3 “Concept” by Marty Padgett (3/7/2007)
Carbon fiber roof, “typical” V-8 give away real coupe.

Will Dodge Deliver the Demon? by TCC Team (3/6/2007)
Roadster concept appears at Chrysler turning point.

Hyundai Has Good QarmaQ by Richard Yarrow (3/7/2007)
Geneva concept is plasticky, intentionally.

Opel GTC: A New Design Era? by Marty Padgett (3/6/2007)
Gran Turismo – no, not that one – rides the runway.

by Marty Padgett (2/12/2007)
A “nimble” roadster for Dodge’s Geneva show stand.

2007 Rinspeed eXasis Concept by Marty Padgett (12/18/2006)
See-through publicity: those wacky Swiss go see-through for “3-D” concept.

2007 Mazda Hakaze Concept by Marty Padgett (3/7/2007)
A trio is completed with a Geneva concept.

2007 Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept by Henny Hemmes (3/7/2007)
Honda bringing hybrids, diesels to Geneva.

Kia Drops Lid on Geneva Concept by Richard Yarrow (3/7/2007)
Brand’s first convertible comes to Swiss show.

Toyota Hybrid X Bows in Geneva by Richard Yarrow (3/7/2007)
New hybrid concept foretells Prius?



A Sale is Not Chrysler’s Only Option by TCC Team (3/6/2007)
Profitability is another, Zetsche says.

Wagoner Quiet on Chrysler by Marty Padgett (3/7/2007)
How many ways can you say “no comment?”

Audi A5 Getting Convertible Companion? by Marty Padgett (3/6/2007)
No hardtops allowed, though.

Jaguar Tweaks XJ; More to Come by TCC Team (3/7/2007)
Could the X-Type get one more shot?

Ford Fiesta Headed to U.S. by Richard Yarrow (3/6/2007)
Mazda2 underpinnings will go global.

Subaru in Geneva: The Flat Diesel? by Richard Yarrow (2/9/2007)
Boxer oil-burner would be world’s first.

Cadillac CTS Goes Euro-Diesel by Marty Padgett (3/6/2007)
New edition adds oil-burning option.



X-Type: Not Dead Yet?
Jaguar may give entry-level sedan one more shot.

Opel GTC A Saturn to Be?
Coupe concept shows promise, GM sources say.

Aston Sale Imminent – But Why?
Is Bond’s brand really that big a distraction?

Betting on Kia Convertible? Don’t.
Geneva concept not sailing at Kia or Hyundai.



Automakers Push the Envelope at Geneva Motor Show





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