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March 12, 2006

Well, I stand before you (actually I'm sitting but that doesn't sound as theatrical) a new man, not because I'm now some driving god but because my eyes have been opened to just how much there is left to learn. I now have a greater appreciation of how a car behaves at the limit, which not only imbues me with new confidence on the track but, more significantly, I look at street driving in a different light as well.

And do you want know what the weird bit is? All this happened in the Laguna Seca parking lot long before we ever hit the track. Sure, driving the Corkscrew for the first time was fun, but that was really just the icing on a very rich, multi-layered cake.

Great Drives: Skip Barber Racing School (3/12/2006)
Turn by turn, an education worth squealing over.


Great Drives: Terrific Tunisia

1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo f

1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo f

Enlarge Photo
On my first trip to Tunisia, an explorative ten-day affair, I was as wide-eyed as a child, with an almost unending sense of exotic fascination. Even before my initial arrival, during the final descent of my Tunisair flight first over the azure of the Mediterranean and then over the low-slung whitewashed buildings of Carthage, I recall being struck by the vivid cornflower blues - of both the water and of the structures' doors and window shutters.

Following my second trip, where I crisscrossed virtually the entire country in a whirlwind that I shan't forget, rows of squat century-old olive trees, fine sugar-cane beaches, and the still vastness of the Sahara stuck out in my mind - to say nothing of the smiles on the face of many of the locals I met throughout my fortnight-long journey.

My third sojourn was a lesson in Roman and Punic history juxtaposed with the bustle of Tunis' busy European-inspired core. But prior to that particular arrival, as my Air France A321 made its final approach this time over land as opposed to the usual sea approach, I remember keenly gazing out of the window and at the automotive traffic, which in a word, was chaotic. Mind you, it wasn't Cairo, but nonetheless, it was orderless.

Great Drives: Terrific Tunisia (3/12/2006)
Outside the tourist beaches, a Roman ruin awaits.


From TCConfidential

Shaq's Birthday Party: Sponsored by Caddy, Inspired by MJ?

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal

Enlarge Photo
If you're Shaquille O'Neal, your 34th birthday party doesn't have to end up at Dave and Buster's with a run-out game card and only enough tickets to get a couple of erasers and a WWJD bracelet. No, when you're Shaq, you can ask GM to underwrite the whole affair - and don't forget the six-month-old baby tiger, thanks very much. The party - last Friday, if you didn't get your invite until today - also featured the new 2007 Escalade, lest you think it was being held strictly because GM CEO Rick Wagoner admires Shaq's free-throw skills or that Shaq regularly hangs with regional marketing managers.


Ala. Lawman Takes Tires Into His Own Hands

Alabama's government has its share of characters. When they're not putting ten tons of Ten Commandments in courthouses, they're stealing each other's parking spaces. The AP reports that State Rep. Albert Hall is sick and tired of someone taking his reserved spot at the state Capitol, and he's fighting back the only way he knows how - not through the courts, but by deflating the culprit's tires. Complaining that his car gets blocked nearly every day the legislature is in session, Hall also called tow trucks to remove cars from his spot. Hall himself was deflated a bit when he found out the car tire he bled down belonged to the wife of fellow Rep. Allen Layson. The whole troublesome situation has been turned over to an internal-affairs committee for further study.

Read the AP wire story


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