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March 10, 2006

byMurray Jackson

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<[email protected]@[email protected]@>1. What was the name of Pat Brady’s Jeep in the 1950s TV series "The Roy Rogers Show"?

2. The sales brochures for this 1978 Dodge model featured the slogan "Does it all".

3. In the song "One Piece at a Time", what brand of car did Johnny Cash assemble?

4. In which Italian city are Ferraris produced?

5. In 1899, the first recorded U.S. auto fatality occurred when Mr. Henry Bliss was hit and killed by a horseless carriage.  In what city did it happen?

6. Which car company claimed to have introduced "the world's first sport utility sedan"?

7. Where and when was the United States ' first national auto show held?

8. What do racers call loose debris, tire bits, etc. on the track?

9. In body-shop talk, what is "orange peel"?

10. A 1960s ad claimed that you met the nicest people on this brand of motorcycle.

















<[email protected]@[email protected]@>Answers:

1. Nellybelle

2. Omni

3. Cadillac

4. Maranello

5. New York City

6. Subaru

7. Madison Square Garden, New York City, 1900

8. Marbles

9. Uneven, pebbly, paint surface

10. Honda


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