2000 North American International Auto Show Preview Page 2

December 27, 1999


Based on the impressive S80 platform, the new V70 will spawn a new Cross Country, V70 R and S70 sedan in the coming months. It also spawns a new naming system — from now on, Volvo sedans get even numbers (as in S80) and wagons and activity vehicles get odd numbers (as in V70). It’s another cog in the wheel of the ambitious plans for Volvo with Ford at the helm.






Acura MD-X and 3.2CL

The MD-X is a thinly veiled iteration of Acura’s upcoming car-based sport-utility vehicle. The underpinnings are loosely derived from the Honda Odyssey. By reports, Honda will be able to build a mix of Odyssey minivans, Acura SUVs and, eventually a Honda version of the Acura SUV in the coming Honda production facility in Alabama (as well as in the Odyssey factory in Allison, Ontario). The CL is a barely disguised version of the new coupe designed in the U.S. that will feature a S version with 260 hp.


Mercury Mountaineer

The new Mountaineer is said to redefine the Mercury brand, again. This time around, it is "innovative, expressive and individualistic." With a four-wheel independent suspension, a massive chrome waterfall grille and updated powertrain, there may be hope for Mercury after all.


Volkswagen Crew Cab Pickup

Yes, a Volkswagen pickup will be gracing the company’s auto show display. "It offers a "Piech" into the future of Volkswagen," says AutoPacific analyst James Hall. The new "Piech-up truck," as Hall refers to it, is Volkswagen’s attempt at testing the reactions of consumers to the company’s upcoming sport-utility vehicle. Stay tuned.


Lexus LS 430

As the sequel to the LS 400, the LS 430 has big shoes to fill. It will use a bored or stroked version of the LS 400’s V-8 engine to produce about 300 horsepower. The styling is expected to be more of a departure from the current model than when the last redesign was done in 1994.


Chevrolet Avalanche

The Avalanche is essentially a Suburban with a short pickup bed. The cargo area is separated from the passenger area by a tailgate, allowing longer objects to be carried. The truck will soon reach production; however, the truck you’ll see at Detroit will be tweaked slightly before it gets the green light.


Chrysler 300 Hemi Convertible

Look for this convertible sedan on the Chrysler stand in Detroit. Power comes from a potent pushrod Hemi engine, a concept Chrysler is no stranger to. The car foreshadows the Chrysler 300N, the next generation of the 300M, which may be rear-wheel drive.


Ford Equator

It’s Ford’s interpretation of the Hummer, and it’s described as being even more macho than the Desert Excursion concept unveiled at last November’s SEMA show. As wide as F-350 with the height of an F-150, the truck has an aggressive stance. Ford designer J Mays says it "manages to be tough without being crude."


General Motors Hummer H2

While Ford will be showing a "Hummer-type" SUV, GM, who recently bought the Hummer name as well as the rights to distribute the truck, will show a concept vehicle foreshadowing a new addition to the Hummer lineup. The new truck is derived from the company’s GMT800 truck platform. It provides a glimpse into the future of Hummer in the hands of General Motors.


Dodge Viper GT-SR

This sleek new serpent gives an idea what direction DaimlerChrysler plans to take the next-generation Dodge Viper. Primarily, DaimlerChrysler wants to know if consumers would accept a V-8 instead of a V-10 under the hood.

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