2013 Dodge Durango vs. Its Competition

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Martin Padgett Martin Padgett Editorial Director

Sized like a three-row crossover but endowed with medium-duty all-wheel drive, the Dodge Durango straddles a few types of vehicles successfully.

It's more rugged than the Ford Explorer, trumping it in towing capacity, but no longer in power, since the 365-hp Explorer Sport came along.

The Toyota Sequioa carries more people and tows more weight, but it's less nimble and less nice than the Dodge, period.

The Chevy Traverse is suited to carrying people and pulling a light trailer--and the same goes for the brand-new Nissan Pathfinder, as it gives up on its truck roots entirely and goes carlike with its drivetrain and its flip-and-fold, seven-passenger seating.

Finally, there's a real minivan, Dodge's own Grand Caravan, for those willing to own up to reality.

If you're towing nothing heavier than a jet ski, why not spend less and drive more comfortably?

2013 Dodge Durango image2013 Dodge Durango
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Quick Specs
A composed family hauler most of the time, the 2013 Dodge Durango isn't afraid of getting its hands dirty when it needs to.
The 2013 Chevrolet Traverse hits a sweet spot for SUV replacers, with none of the flamboyance of a real SUV and more practical gas mileage and interior space.
Function reigns supreme in the Dodge Grand Caravan: it has the best seating system and infotainment features of any minivan, and gas mileage and safety scores are excellent.
The Ford Explorer trades some trail-riding and towing for on-road driving lessons, and comes out fluent.
The 2013 Nissan Pathfinder is in a new place that's just right for families who want a big, comfortable, sensible wagon, but it's given up some of its path-finding heritage to get there.
The 2013 Toyota Sequoia promises--and delivers--traditional truck toughness, packing macho style and a big V-8, as well as space for up to eight; but it's mighty thirsty to be a everyday family vehicle.
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Gas Mileage     
13 MPG City / 23 MPG Hwy16 MPG City / 24 MPG Hwy17 MPG City / 25 MPG Hwy16 MPG City / 24 MPG Hwy19 MPG City / 26 MPG Hwy13 MPG City / 18 MPG Hwy
Gas/Ethanol V6Gas V6Gas/Ethanol V6Gas V6Gas V6Gas V8
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2WD Sport Utility Vehicle2WD Sport Utility Vehicle2WD MinivanSport Utility Vehicle - 2WD2WD Sport UtilitySport Utility Vehicle - 2WD
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2WD 4-Door SXTFWD 4-Door LS4-Door Wagon American Value PkgFWD 4-Door Base2WD 4-Door SRWD 5.7L SR5 (GS)
Rear Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveRear Wheel Drive
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Sport Utility VehicleSport UtilityPassenger VanSport Utility VehicleSport UtilitySport Utility Vehicle
AutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic w/manual shiftContinuously Variable RatioAutomatic w/Manual Shift
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