2013 Chevrolet Spark vs. Its Competition

2013 Chevrolet Spark minicar

The most likely competitors to the 2013 Chevrolet Spark may be the three-door Fiat 500 and MINI Cooper, though it undercuts them on price and has more interior room.

The MINI especially is more fun to drive, but the Spark's dashboard and smartphone integration is light-years ahead of the MINI's messy dials and switches.

The Mitsubishi i is the only other five-door hatchback, and it too has good interior space for its dimensions, but it's only available as an electric car with a low 62-mile range, and it sells only in small volumes.

Finally, a pair of two-seaters also count as minicars: the Smart ForTwo is now old and still unpleasant to drive, while the Scion iQ can hold three people--barely--and is a smarter, updated version of the same concept.

2013 Chevrolet Spark minicar2013 Chevrolet Spark
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2013 MINI Cooper 2-door Coupe Angular Front Exterior View2013 MINI Cooper
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2013 Scion iQ2013 Scion iQ
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2013 Smart ForTwo (European model)2013 smart fortwo
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Quick Specs
The 2013 Chevrolet Spark is the brand's first minicar, and its five doors open to an interior that seats four adults capably if not luxuriously. It's neither the fastest nor the most fuel-efficient small car, but in tight city streets, it's easy to drive and park--and the smartphone navigation app shows the future of in-car infotainment. Avoid the automatic version, though; it's tragically slow.
The 2013 MINI Cooper models are small-car standouts in style and driving fun, and with several body styles and three different levels of performance you can pick your level of potency and practicality.
The 2013 Scion iQ will appeal to space-challenged city dwellers; for everyone else, it's a lifestyle choice to buy a car that stands out from the crowd.
Distinctive, quirky, and lightly restyled this year, the 2013 Smart ForTwo is at its best in crowded cities where parking and maneuverability are top priorities, but smooth driving takes careful practice and almost any other inexpensive car is a better choice for highway use.
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Gas Mileage   
28 MPG City / 38 MPG Hwy26 MPG City / 37 MPG Hwy36 MPG City / 37 MPG Hwy34 MPG City / 38 MPG Hwy
Gas I4Gas I4Gas I4Gas I3
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Mini-Compact CarMinicompactMini CompactMinicompact
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5-Door HB Manual LS2-Door Coupe3-Door HB (GS)2-Door Coupe Pure
Front Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveFront Wheel DriveRear Wheel Drive
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4 Door Hatch BackHatchbackHatchbackCoupe
ManualManualContinuously Variable RatioAutomatic w/Manual Shift
Detailed Spec Comparison
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