What's the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Believe it or not, there are good and bad times to buy a new car. Timing is everything, and knowing when the best deals on new vehicles are offered can help you save money and get a great price.

The Best Times to Buy a Car

What’s the Best Time to Buy a Car?When it comes to car buying, some days are better than others, as are some months and certain times of the year. Using these tips from Esurance to your advantage can help you get your best deal on a new vehicle.

Best time of the day: Early in the week, at the end of the day

To get a leg up on negotiations, you should head to the dealership toward the end of the day. When you walk in an hour before closing, you give the dealer a limited amount of time to sell you a car, which can make it easier to negotiate a lower price. Dealers have monthly sales quotas they need to meet, and every sale helps. Plus, going in on a Tuesday or Wednesday rather than a Friday or Saturday is less stressful for you and the dealer.

Best time of the month: At the end

Similar to the end of the day, dealers need to make a certain quota. This can be a hit or miss since you don’t know if the dealer reached his or her quota. But, many dealers typically offer good incentives when they're trying to sell vehicles at the end of the month.

Best time of the year: At the end

Newer and better car models come out each and every year. These vehicles typically hit the market in August and September, and dealerships need to make room for them. In order to move the current year’s models off dealer lots before the start of a new year in January, manufacturers give them an extra push by offering many of the best deals and incentives all year. So, December may be the best time to get a new car if you want a great deal.

In addition, there's another good time to buy a vehicle: during the holidays. Manufacturers typically offer better incentives and sales during major holidays such as Memorial Day, the July 4th holiday weekend, Labor Day, Veterans Day, and even Black Friday.

The Worst Times to Buy a Car

Just as there are good days to buy, there are bad ones as well. Here are a few times you might want to avoid a trip to the dealership:

Worst time of the week: Weekends

Stay away from the weekends when car shopping. Many people head to dealerships on the weekends, and one salesperson could be juggling two or more customers. This means they may not be able to give you the attention they could had you visited during the week.

Worst time of the year: Spring

Once spring rolls around, many people have their tax refunds ready for large purchases like a vehicle. Because of this, spring ends up being a popular time for car shopping, and dealers end up giving less incentives and offers because they’re able to meet their quotas faster.

Keep in mind that if you want an all-new model, you should wait until sales have slowed for a better discount off the MSRP. One of the worst times to buy a car, especially if it’s new, is when demand is high.

Car Shopping on Your Time

Just because you feel ready to finance a car doesn’t mean it’s the right time. It takes planning to get the best price on a vehicle, and something as simple as the time you visit a dealership can change the outcome of a sale.

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