• fb_100001129578486 avatar James Posted: 6/22/2013 7:24pm PDT

    Finally a small SUV that has resisted the urge to have a nose that looks like a Peterbilt. The reviewer says "bland". I say "refreshing", especially compared to the ugly nose of the previous model. Good luck Outlander.

  • Charger avatar Charger Posted: 3/26/2013 12:36pm PDT

    Sounds like Studebaker, ca. 1966

  • fb_601634786 avatar David Posted: 3/23/2013 7:09am PDT

    With Mitsubishi having around 2% or less of the U.S. market, the cost to export vehicles here and few vehicle choices to begin with for the consumer to choose from it makes me wonder how long it'll be before we see Mitsubishi pack up and leave like Suzuki did. And as we remember Suzuki had less market share then Mitsubishi. I'm sure if they do leave they'll have parts support like Suzuki has done but I personally can't see someone taking the chance on a brand I don't see being here too terribly much longer contrary to what Mitsubishi officials claim.

  • fb_599454693 avatar Jan Posted: 3/22/2013 5:06pm PDT

    Third row advantage will be significant but ONLY if it's standard across the range. Last time it was very expensive and only offered on the loaded V6 models. The plug in version will only have 5 seats, so I suspect Mitsubishi is taking the half @ssed approach as usual and expecting a miracle. The miracle is that they've lasted this long...