• fb_100001227069907 avatar Robert Posted: 3/7/2013 9:34am PST

    I'll give you another reason, the dang dealers are still "old school". My Sister and her husband went car shopping for a new one for her to drive. They made this clear, too. Every one of the Detroit company dealers always talked to her husband, not her. They almost totally ignored her. The foreign ones, and Carmax too, talked to her, answered her questions and treated her as the primary buyer and user of the car they were looking to buy.
    Detroit dealers are still a haven for the old time "women know nothing about cars" salesmen. All they were missing was the checked pants and white belt.

  • fb_1062099260 avatar Peter Posted: 3/6/2013 9:59am PST

    In the study some of the most unreliable are desired by women like,Mini,Fiat,,Jaguar and Mercedes.The most desirable brand for women is Landrover which is the least reliable vehicle so perception of prestige and reliability does not meet fact's.In Housewives of Atlanta ,Beverly Hill's,NY ,New Jersey etc the car most often driven is a Range Rover.Maybe GM need's to lend those show's some Buick Enclaves and Escalades .American brands need to get handbag and shoe designer's to do there interior's. I believe if Christian Loubouton did a car it would be a hit and the one good thing women are easier to change opinion's then men.

  • diehard-1st avatar diehard-1st Posted: 3/6/2013 9:45am PST

    Because women believe Consumers Report.