• iGerrez avatar iGerrez Posted: 3/2/2013 10:05am PST

    You think you could add model related sales details for BMW/Mini like you've done for almost every other major brand sold in the U.S. market? At the very least a "3-series saw no statistical change over the same period last year. Same for the 5", would be a start.
    Your site's distaste for the brand borders on the comical - that is, "haha funny" if it weren't so unprofessional.
    There ARE readers of/visitors to your site that would appreciate the courtesy of at least the lamest of coverage (as suggested above). You don't have to sell or drive them - or even buy or test drive them for christ's sake - just report on those who do. Hm? Whatcha say? Think you can report like the big boys (and girls, as the case might be)?