• fb_800937730 avatar Yuval Posted: 2/26/2013 8:40am PST

    of course the Tesla S has the worst depreciation characteristics. half the price of the car is the battery, which, price wise, is not the fuel tank, its the fuel itself. Simply, every stored KwH cost 500 dollars, and is usable about 2000 times, IF charged slowly, and 1000 times or less if Supercharged. So its up to 50 cents per use, multiplied by 60-85. That's a chunk of money!! However the better place model separates the car and battery, so the owner pays for the use, for the miles, not to own the battery. Once the battery's depreciates (for the battery owner, better place!!!) its taken off line and recycled, either as is, or for the very valuable Lithium inside!! The car owner is totally unconcerned with the depreciation of the battery!!

  • ToddRLockwood avatar ToddRLockwood Posted: 2/28/2013 5:54am PST

    Yuval, where do you get your information? The Model S 85kWh battery pack, which costs $12,000 to replace, doesn't even come close to half the price of the car. The price per kWh is $141, not $500. And by the way, the EPA estimates that the average owner will save $9,100 in fuel costs during the first five years of ownership. If you drive 20,000 miles/year that savings will be on the order of $15,000. Battery life is NOT affected by using Tesla's Superchargers; it is only affected by using "Range Charging Mode" which charges the lithium cells to 100% instead of the usual 90%. Lastly, the 85kWh battery pack has an 8-year unlimited mileage warranty.

  • fb_100000351085371 avatar Richard Joash Posted: 2/26/2013 7:59pm PST

    the Model S has no depreciations because it not on the list!!!!!