• William J Toensing avatar William J Toensing Posted: 3/12/2013 1:05am PDT

    The MSRP is $5000 higher than I expected the Cruze diesel to be. Also disapointed a 6 speed manual is not standard. Also no station wagon or hatchback available. Looks like VW still has no diesel competition. Wonder what the MPG will be for the Ford Fiesta & Focus will be with the 3 cylinder Ecoboost engine & if Ford will offer an affordable diesel engine in the USA? Fuel economy in a comfortable cross country hatchback or wagon is my highest priority.

  • johnny mars avatar johnny mars Posted: 3/6/2013 7:19am PST

    Nah, sorry, no way, fugghetaboutit. The 42 MPG highway Cruze Eco costs $5k less, and its fuel costs 10% less than diesel. Somebody spiked the water cooler in the accounting department at GM.

  • fb_100000975824039 avatar fb_100000975824039 Posted: 2/8/2013 2:18pm PST

    While diesel fuel is higher lately, the engines last a lot longer than gas engines; though my last Subaru had 250k on it when I sold it. I would prefer a stick as well. Would be interesting to compare to the VW Diesels. I almost got a VW Jetta Diesel about 5 years ago but at that time they were unavailable. You can also run the Diesels on heating oil; in Germany they put a dye in and have spot inspections.

  • Charger avatar Charger Posted: 2/8/2013 7:39am PST

    The reason Americans aren't embracing diesels isn't because they remember the GM diesel debacle of the 80s. It's because diesels are more expensive, the fuel is more expensive, and the mileage gap between gas and diesel is not as great as it used to be with the new technologies employed. If they broke the 50mpg barrier with the Cruze diesel, then they would have something worth mentioning. I guarantee it will be pulled from the market within three years.

  • William J Toensing avatar William J Toensing Posted: 3/12/2013 1:15am PDT

    Guess what, Warren Sears, they dye off road diesel fuel in the USA too, at least in Calif. Don't know of anyone who heats with heating oil out here. Before I moved to Calif., I had a home in Minneapolis that used heating oil & the cost was then competitive with natural gas when heating oil sold for .15 cents a gallon. I would hate to see what the cost of home heating in Mpls. would be now with heating oil.

  • dbalkwell avatar dbalkwell Posted: 2/7/2013 10:13am PST

    This is a vehicle in which I could easily be interested, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to me that it makes economic sense. In addition to the base price premium to get the diesel (which might be partially returned when the car is sold in a few years), the fuel economy would seem to be poorer that a gasoline-engined Cruze. The EPA highway rating is the same as a Cruze Eco with a gas engine, and slightly better than a "standard" Cruze, but with diesel fuel averaging perhaps 10% more than gasoline, operating cost will be higher. Aside from that, I'd much prefer to have a manual transmission. My '12 Sonic 1.4L (51K miles) uses the same drivetrain as the Cruze, and while it's very adequate, the substantial torque boost would be welcome.