• johnny mars avatar johnny mars Posted: 2/5/2013 8:15am PST

    Of the three most beautiful family sedan designs (Optima, Fusion, 6) I prefer the lines of the Mazda6. It's just gorgeous in person from any angle. It drives just peachy for most folks and is priced right. Fuel economy and performance are class leading. Plus, you're avoiding a year of depreciation by buying a 2014 now.

  • fb_100000641225953 avatar Bill Posted: 2/4/2013 7:05pm PST

    As usual with you guys, looks are everything and all other aspects of the car are strictly secondary.

  • tractor avatar tractor Posted: 2/4/2013 2:13pm PST

    I disagree that it doesn't have any awkward angles. The entire front grill is awkwardly huge and ugly. Not to mention the lower lip stuck to the front bumper like it's a shelf.