• Dan Akerson's Empty Skull avatar Dan Akerson's Empty Skull Posted: 1/24/2013 3:07pm PST

    The reason fatality rates are lower in Europe isn't because of the reasons cited by UMTRI -- it's because you need to do more than just fog up a mirror to get a license. The education and training is better. The testing standards are tougher.

    The bottom line? Nothing beats a well trained driver. Ridiculously low blood alcohol levels, slow speed limits and all those other nonsense is just window dressing. I feel safer on the autobahn at triple digit speeds in Germany than on one of our freeways here at 65 because our drivers are so inattentive and unpredictable.

    There's also something called personal responsibility -- something that is rapidly becoming extinct in the United States.

  • fb_659067355 avatar fb_659067355 Posted: 1/24/2013 11:08pm PST

    Traffic fatalities have declined because of diminishing air pollution in the USA. Pollution, particularly ozone, irritates pheromone receptor cells lining the upper respiratory system, the brush border cells. Less air pollution means lower crime, lower perversion, lower drug addiction, and less "showing off", i.e. irresponsible driving.