• fb_652512034 avatar David Posted: 11/7/2012 8:36pm PST

    I have a very different issue, and yet I have an iPhone 4S and cannot say your issue has ever cropped-up for me, but unlike you, I leave my radio on, always.

    My issue appeared after 11 months of ownership: the screen calibration has gone wacky. Soft-buttons are no longer mapped to their locations on the screen, but are "off", either a little or a lot. The techs are baffled, and HQ has ordered a head unit replacement. It is being done as I write this. Very strange!

  • rpere045 avatar rpere045 Posted: 11/8/2012 12:08pm PST

    This happens to me on my Chevy Spark. I narrowed it down to the place where I left my car and parked. Never happens at work where we have an open parking lot, but when I go to the gym, underground garage, when I turn it back on it happens. I also own an iphone 4S but I never thought that could be the cause. So I really thought it was an issue of the XM signal rather than the infotainment system, now I might be wrong