• fb_100002573810734 avatar Irwin Posted: 10/17/2012 5:46pm PDT

    I was waiting at a red light watching the driver of an old Linclon idling up suspiciously slowly in another lane behind me. I was vulnerable on a standard motorcycle & kept glancing at him in my mirror. When he meant to finally hit the brake, he used the wrong pedal, then swerved at the only thing around, which was me. I heard the roar of the engine at full throttle. His refusal to allow his much younger more capable wife to drive meant he aged me by causing my body great harm. I was "Mr. Safety" on the bike; no daredevil. I wore all the proper geeky safety & reflective gear & took no chances, other than sharing same roads with 96yr olds who hit the wrong pedal. Too bad this system doesn't help avoid vehicle collisions. It's a step.

  • wrenchead avatar wrenchead Posted: 10/12/2012 11:52am PDT

    If I can't tell the difference between the pedals, just shoot me.
    I should be behind the wheel anyway.