• GreenCarBuyer avatar GreenCarBuyer Posted: 10/5/2012 10:24am PDT

    We waited long and finally drove the new 2013 Ford C-max with top trim last week. The foot activated tailgate is a cool feature. To me it drives better and has more power than the Prius V but is less smooth. It's great that Ford is making this and other hybrids. However, I think the V is more comfortable, more legroom, wider cushier seats, better cup holders, Larger cargo capacity, and easier to use Entune Tech system. The real MPG of both cars is about 41 overall. Don't trust MPG estimates by US brands, sorry.
    The answer is hybrid, solar, Natural Gas, not dirty coal based plug in electrics. If you had a house with Solar and used that power to charge your Plug in that would be great, but right now I don't see the value vs cost of Plug ins.

  • john_v avatar John Posted: 10/5/2012 11:51am PDT

    @Joe: Nice comparison of the two cars, thanks for posting your take on their tradeoffs.

    Re/the myth of "dirty coal based plug in electrics": In at least half the states, driving a mile on power from the grid produces less wells-to-wheels carbon & airborne emissions than a 50-mpg Prius. That list of states includes California, which will buy more plug-ins than the next five states combined.

    Yes, in states with the filthiest grids (WV & ND, if I recall), you're better off to drive the Prius. If you drive a 25-mpg car, however, the plug-in is still a lower emitter (W2W).

    Remember also that individual grids will get cleaner over time, so plug-in cars will too. Can't say that for gas cars!

  • fb_661701061 avatar Jay Posted: 10/7/2012 11:52am PDT

    The C-Max is great and has a much roomier back seat than the Prius and Prius V - but still both lack the 7 seat option. We'd take 6 seats like the Mazda 5. What we really still want (current Prius 2008 owner) is a smaller MPV sized Mini-Van so we can take friends and family with us - we typically have 5 people and the Prius is just tight and also pick up friends to go to movies - day trips and that means 7 people. When we vacation (family of 4) right now we use a top box on the Prius and the C-Max though larger than the standard Prius isn't larger enough and the Prius V - it's still just a 5 seater and the back seat is the same size as our Prius (trust me - tried our family out in it - same size). Where's our hybrid mini-van or Mazda 5 ?

  • fb_1559222512 avatar Xiaolong Posted: 10/8/2012 1:13am PDT

    According to EIA, US electricity generation based on coal has fallen to the lowest percentage in 40 yrs at 36% (from 46%) due to the low price of Natural Gas and tighter regulation of coal plants. Of course, some states are higher and some states are lower.

  • fb_1001015277 avatar John Posted: 10/4/2012 9:23am PDT

    I got to sit in a C-Max Hybrid recently and I have to say it is a nicer car than the Prius. Also, the C-Max Energi looks more impressive than the PiP in terms of range, although you have to give up significant load space to the battery.

    Bring it on Ford. The competition is great.

  • fb_1559222512 avatar Xiaolong Posted: 10/4/2012 2:47pm PDT

    I think everyone here are waiting to see the Energi models. Both the Fusion and C-Max Energi models are highly anticipated by the GCR readers. Yet, Ford has been keeping their specs as a secret. There aren't even much "testing" of the prototypes by varies car magzines...

    I am suspecting that there are lots of "last minute" tweaking with the energi models so it can beat the established players such as Volt and Pip.

    It will be interesting.

    I think GCR should do a big "comparison" test between all the plugin models...