• YuBayles avatar YuBayles Posted: 11/7/2014 10:32am PST

    Kaitlyn Fisher was killed in an intersection collision car accident in Baltimore, Maryland last 2010. The sad thing about the case is that Progressive Insurance attempt to stay away from a legal claim of $75,000. Source for this article:shouldn't you discover and read more about all of our website?

  • fb_510865642 avatar Delicia Posted: 8/18/2012 8:51am PDT

    Industry has become very ruthless, This case sounds familiar. Ford Motor Company and my insurance company paid the passengers family 525K but my family walked away owing Ford Motor Company's legal fees of 130k. After further investigation I found out Ford could have corrected the defective cruise control switch for a mere .31 cents! The NHSTA let Ford pay a "fine" to delay a recall! I received my recall notice 9 months after my son burned to death.

  • Micmac801 avatar Micmac801 Posted: 8/16/2012 4:31pm PDT

    Consult with a local independent agent. If professional and sharp they won't sell you the lowest price for garbage coverage. Most IAs dislike progressive due to their business practices and how they advertise, which ultimately diminishes the important decisions regarding insurance coverage and protecting people property and assets.

  • fb_1344815919 avatar Charles Posted: 8/16/2012 10:44am PDT

    I am in the process of renewing my auto policy and was checking other companies, including Progressive. This story took them out of the running.

  • fb_1068548198 avatar Rich Posted: 8/16/2012 6:09am PDT

    My question to all of this is where does an underinsured motorist policy become a life insurance policy? I thought the underinsured motorist policy was to cover the cost of medical bills incurred. In the case of a fatality wouldn't that be covered under another type of policy?

    As for misleading comments, are you really surprised???

  • fr8bil avatar fr8bil Posted: 8/16/2012 4:00am PDT

    I have two policies with Progressive and will NOT renew with these deceitful scum. Sit on it and spin, FLO ! I'm also spreading the word and understand why National Media is not reporting this. They are concerned about loss of advertising dollars.

  • fb_100000448573112 avatar Buddy Posted: 8/15/2012 2:30pm PDT

    I will drop Flo and Progressive like a bad habit if they don't do the right thing!

  • kay_sharklasers avatar kay_sharklasers Posted: 8/15/2012 6:29am PDT

    "It is this 19th day of May, 2011, by the Circuit Court For Baltimore City, hereby ORDERED
    That Progressive Advance Insurance Company be and is hereby allowed to intervene as a party Defendant.
    That Progressive Insurance Company is GRANTED all rights to participate in this proceeding as if it were an original party to this case."
    So when Chris Wolf says, "Progressive did not serve as the attorney for the defendant in this case. He was defended by his insurance company, Nationwide. " He is technically right.
    In fact, though, Progressive did not represent the defendant - It got to act on its own behalf as if it were the defendant!

    I saw the above response on the Progressive FB page, and it appears to explain the situation very well. It also

  • fb_1511140317 avatar Alyce Posted: 8/14/2012 4:14pm PDT

    I have had similar experience with Progressive, clearly I was not at fault on 8/31/2009 when I was stopped at a stop sign and an on coming car hit me head on. Progressive claimed that the accident was an Act of God since the on coming driver had a heart attack. Damage was beyond belief for a Ford Focus to hit a Ford F350 head on, but it drove my truck back 24 inches. No settlement allowed, and I lost over 3 months work. Progressive fixed my truck (cost $33,000) only to have the engine catch fire due to it not being properly fixed from the wreck. Truck was in the shop for almost four months with no loaner. Never insure with Progressive.

  • fb_100001725197177 avatar Jerome Posted: 8/14/2012 3:47pm PDT

    Wow. And here I thought Allstate was bad when they handled my claim!
    They'll screw you any way they can!

  • fb_4000071 avatar Alex Posted: 8/14/2012 3:05pm PDT

    He sure does have a response: http://mattfisher.tumblr.com/post/29432884849/today-in-response-to-my-blog-post-entitled-my

  • 5Dollar avatar 5Dollar Posted: 8/14/2012 12:50pm PDT

    That's the way under-insured coverage works. In these cases, your insurance company becomes takes an adverse position against you to minimize their payment. The policy is written that way. Most insured do not realize this. My son was in a horrible accident that involved an under-insured motorist. My insurance company, a carriage trade insurance company, told me exactly what they would be doing and why. We came to a settlement that was not to the limits of the policy, but all things considered, was fair. Did I like it, no. Was the claim handled as would be expected from the wording in the policy, yes.

    I am sorry for the person's loss in this case, but the way the claim is being handled is exactly the way the policy is written.

  • svegliando avatar svegliando Posted: 8/14/2012 10:33am PDT

    I have been fortunate, knock on wood, in that I have never had to file an insurance claim. It's a sad fact, but insurance companies are not in the business of protecting its customers. They are in the business of making money. I think the best thing consumers can do is stay informed of issues like this and choose their carrier wisely.

    Even if Progressive concedes and pays the estate, it's unlikely to be a policy change (no pun). In other words, there are likely many others in the same situation who will be ignored/denied because they could not draw the attention of the public.