• USAFANG67 avatar USAFANG67 Posted: 6/26/2012 10:42am PDT

    Having owned Honda automobiles as far back as the 1973 Honda Civic and up to the 2004 Honda Accord I can safely say that Honda cars are not what they use to be. That is mostly due to Honda's lack of customer service and customer care even when one buys their extended warranty. Honda found a way to weasel out of fixing the transmission when it failed at 80k miles.
    American Honda refused to even go halfs with me to fix the tyranny! So I went to a local shop that specializes in transmissions that did it for less money and longer warranty than Honda. Needless to say no more Honda's for me, my son and a couple of other friends whom were considering buying a Honda.
    Profits before customers is not a way to run any car company.

  • StringsAttached avatar StringsAttached Posted: 8/8/2012 11:08am PDT

    Out of curiosity, did you change the transmission fluid prior to it failing or was it the original fluid?

  • biochfan avatar biochfan Posted: 6/28/2012 6:21am PDT

    My family (wife and I) have owned 6 Honda's since 1991 (6 Accords and 1 CR-V) and never have we had one bit or trouble with any of them. The CR-V is a 2003 with nearly 86,000 miles. I feel Honda has lost some ground yes when it comes to all thegadgets and gizmos in modern vehicles but I'd MUCH rather have a Honda than anything from Ford, GM or Chrysler anyday. THere is a reason why the Accord is a record holder on the CAr and Driver 10 best list, why KBB.com awarded Honda it's best retained value award and Honda's have excellent mechinal relibility and resale value. As for Matt's upset over his tranmisiion, sounds like the dealer is shady/crooked and not the vehicle that's to blame. Honda should look into the dealers business practices.

  • hi100 avatar hi100 Posted: 6/27/2012 8:46am PDT

    If Honda is the top of the line, we ARE in trouble. Honda quality is very poor and their customer service is ever worse than poor.
    They have lost their way. Their competiors are making better autos than Honda ever did.
    Then they begin to treat their customers like trash and not helping them on Honda's quality problems.
    Honda got the big head after reading all the false reports from Consumer Reports (now that a book you can really trust and still recommending those unreliable VWs) and thought that consumers had to buy their autos.
    Then their sales DROP!...Were they shocked. They are coming up with all sorts of excuses except that they are not building quality autos and there terrible customer service. And their dealers are just Terrible

  • fb_709875652 avatar Blair Posted: 6/27/2012 9:34am PDT

    Honda is producing some of the best quality ever, based on my experience with two 2005 cars (Accord and TL). The weak spots are few and far between, such as a power door lock actuator on the TL and difficult to change cabin air filter on the TL. Overall, the experience is great and I have only needed to do wear/tear items like brake pads, batteries and wiper blades besides the usual engine and transmission oil changes. The dealer experience has been less than acceptable with the Acura in the case of one dealer - would think you were at a lawn-mower repair shop, not a premium brand auto retailer. As always, things could and should be better as time goes on. As for unreliable VWs, I have seen many examples of poor VW quality. Honda is better.

  • fb_709875652 avatar Blair Posted: 6/27/2012 9:18am PDT

    I have also owned many Honda cars, including a '77 and '79 Civic, '85 Prelude, '90 Prelude, '05 Accord and '05 Acura TL. The quality of power train has improved, but was already stellar, just evolutionary improvements over the Civic's 1237cc with carburetor and points/condenser ignition to fuel injection & electronic ignition (PGMFI) and VTEC. The automatics have gotten better, but my early Hondas had manuals. Body integrity and rust resistance is where they improved substantially. If the '70's Civics had galvanized body panels they would still all be on the road today. The two 2005 Hondas (Accord and TL) are top rate, as good or better in many respects than my '95 Prelude which sets the standard. Alas, minor annoyances spoil the experience

  • vmaxt avatar vmaxt Posted: 6/28/2012 6:39am PDT

    I've had several Hondas- two civic hatchbacks, two Preludes, two del sols, three accords, currently a 2009 Ridgeline, and oldest son drives a 2008 civic so I know from my experience Honda is a trustworthy brand. I like to wrench a little and found simple and effective engineering in what they build. I recommend the brand to others, will buy another and I agree with the results of the survey. BTW my Ridgeline has never been back to the shop for any repairs in 3 years-never.