• fb_1624809783 avatar Frank Posted: 6/25/2012 9:37am PDT

    Rides.com would like to comment that this list seems very arbitrary and not based in concrete numbers.

    We (facebook.com/theridesnetwork) have over 131,000 Facebook fans (90,000 more than Hagerty)and currently have 27,000 people talking about us (25,000 more than Hagerty) and yet we get no recognition.

    Aside from (possibly) Jay Leno's Garage we have more fans, visitors, cool rides and info than ANY of the other sites listed. Hopefully Hagerty can issue a correction and give Rides.com the recognition we are due.

  • fb_1624809783 avatar Frank Posted: 6/25/2012 9:14am PDT

    "You can't find fault with it" Really? Holley's facebook page has 36K members and has 11K talking about them. Rides.com facebook page @ www.facebook.com/theridesnetwork has 131K members and 27K people talking about US. The list is so far off base I don't know where to begin.