• Kelly from DriveSafeRideSafe avatar Kelly from DriveSafeRideSafe Posted: 8/28/2013 8:31am PDT

    Asking neighborhood teens about their driver's ed experience is an excellent way to research the quality of a specific program, or instructor. The kids know ... and they'll tell you their honest opinion.

    Parents who are sincere about helping their own teenagers become good drivers, should look for resources to help them.

    There is an excellent DVD called "Roadworthy: a Parent's Guide to Teaching Teens to Drive (12 Lessons to Keep Your Teen Alive Behind the Wheel)." It is filled with extremely helpful ideas for parents and teens, like safe & easy ways to practice freeway-ramp merging.

    The DVD was created by a veteran crash investigator and driving instructor named Mike Pehl. It's available at www.DriveSafeRideSafe.com.