• fb_1333807290 avatar Kenneth Posted: 3/27/2012 10:59am PDT

    Thanks for the review. Only one thing I noticed, the Highlander only seats a maximum of 7 passengers (only 6 with the pass thru taken out). vs. the Pilots 8 passengers.

  • fb_1125734544 avatar Abhijeet Posted: 3/27/2013 9:44am PDT

    The biggest difference in the two, Pilot and Highlander, for family requirements is the ability to hold a child car-seat in the middle of 2nd row seat. Highlander can only have child seats on either of the two sides, offering only two car seat locations with anchors, whereas Pilot can have child car-seat in the middle as well, offering three locations. In Highlander, the families with two kids can only have driver, passenger and two kids ride in the SUV. Also the entry to 3rd row seats is almost blocked if you have two child car seats, unless the center console is taken out. Even then it's not easy for an adult to pass through with child car-seat in the way. Pilot doesn't have that problem.