• cracovian avatar cracovian Posted: 12/20/2011 2:04pm PST

    I don't ever change oil in my LEAF :-)

  • suzannekane avatar suzannekane Posted: 12/21/2011 8:54am PST

    Excellent point, Red Baron. Thanks for sharing.

  • fb_100000584398861 avatar fb_100000584398861 Posted: 1/22/2012 9:14am PST

    there is something deeply wrong with these numbers. The car has an oil change service light and it monitors driving habits, the condition of the oil and so on. In the UK, a petrol M class Merc driven hard will 'ask' for an oil change after around 30.000 miles...that's THIRTY THOUSAND miles....Not three thousand miles.

    The vast majority of modern UK cars, including diesels, have oil change intervals exceeding 20,000 miles and many of those are THE SAME cars that have 5,000 mile intervals in the US. Either your oil is junk, your cars are sub-standard (despite being the same cars...), or your oil companies are tricking you into spending four times what you need to on oil...You decide...

  • fb_1508943980 avatar fb_1508943980 Posted: 7/15/2012 12:19pm PDT

    Americans expect their cars to last longer than we do here in the UK. British are just happy that a car can just about make it to 100k before completely falling apart. My family in the USA nearly all own cars with at least 100K on the clock and as high as 337K. They barely consider a car to be run in before it has 100K on the clock. I know people with cars that have done 550K and 650K and they both say the trick to long engine life is frequent oil changes. If you look on Auto Trader for a Vauxhall/Opel corsa with the highest miles you will find that they seem to dissapear once they have 110K-135K on them. This is because after 110K the head gasgets start to fail. Nearly all the Corsa cars have had 12K+ oil changes as recommended by Vauxhall

  • fb_835255255 avatar Lamar Posted: 12/22/2011 5:25pm PST

    BMW only says 15 k miles, so their free maintenance consists of 2 oil changes, and that's it! If you don't believe me go 15k, and send your oil to blackstone labs for analysis. It's very cheap, or you could just google it, and see what other people havre discovered. You can go 6-7k now with improved oil, and gasoline but that's about it without having too much metal content suspended in the oil. If you plan to trade your car before 100 k miles, you can go 20 k intervals, but if you want your car to last as long as possible I would not go past 7 k miles. It's no coincidence bmw doubled their change interval, and made other fluids ” lifetime” when they introduced” free maintenance”

  • fr0gman avatar fr0gman Posted: 5/16/2013 8:52pm PDT

    The brutal truth is that you do not have to change your oil - EVER! Oil does not get used up or get old, it simply gets dirty. If you keep your oil clean with a good by-pass refiner, not a by-pass filter, you can go 100,000+ miles of the engine without ever changing the oil. It must be a by-pass refiner though. A by-pass refiner removes the dirt, soot, metal, and acids, and it also removed fuel, water, and antifreeze from the oil. A by-pass filter only deals with solid particles so the liquid contamination requires oil changes 4x more frequently.