• larry300 avatar larry300 Posted: 12/15/2011 10:43am PST

    Handsfree systems have the same distracting effect on driving as a phone call, why shouldn't the ban extend to them also? Oh- wait, could it be that the car manufacturers want people to dispose of their phones when driving and rely on the new car's "safer" built-in communication system in which companies have invested a fortune in developement and marketing strategies?

  • Stop Texting avatar Stop Texting Posted: 12/14/2011 1:16pm PST

    There's no way to enforce this with law enforcement agencies or with people's conscience. I cringe saying this because I'm not a fan of big government but the only way to stop this is for the DOT, FCC, or whoever has federal jurisdiction to require the mobile phone manufacturers to create a function in every phone that disables texting, browsing, or dialing any number except 911 when the GPS senses the unit moving at 5 mph or more. Too bad for the passengers but just like everything else you have to manage the offenders and everyone has to sacrifice. This technology exists so it would not be a financial burden on the manufacturers.

  • Garrett avatar Garrett Posted: 12/13/2011 6:30pm PST

    It CAN wait !!!!