• fb_100003294668078 avatar fb_100003294668078 Posted: 12/15/2011 8:16pm PST

    duh...amazing how ridiculous that we need a study. Anyone with real life experience could've told you that..lol

  • fb_100000136693408 avatar Andrea Posted: 3/4/2014 11:41am PST

    Let's show a study of people who have 1 drink vs. having 1 hit.

    Who will be more sober and who will be more "wasted"?

    I think the answer is obvious.

    While alcohol can be taken in moderation, marijuana cannot.

    Argument over.

  • fb_100000136693408 avatar Andrea Posted: 3/4/2014 11:53am PST

    I wish that they would do a study that was fair:
    1 drink vs. 1 hit
    Let's see who's more "wasted" or who's more sober.

    I can still drive after 1 drink with my dinner.
    I could not drive after 1 hit of marijuana.

    So, what's the argument all about? If you are intending to get "wasted", GO, do just that. Just don't drive anywhere. Take your chances on your own health and don't bother others with your problems.