• fb_100000955250528 avatar Rob Posted: 11/8/2011 4:00pm PST

    Houston is the worst city for red light runners I have ever lived in (or visited). You never proceed on green unless looking both ways and confirming no idiot is about to barrel through the intersection. Now it is open season; drive very carefully Houstonites.

  • HenryHG avatar HenryHG Posted: 11/9/2011 7:40am PST

    This article needs to be revised, today, the day after election day, because what I'm seeing in Nov. 8 election results is that voters all over the country are tossing the cameras and the local councilmembers/mayors who support them. I'd say those election results are a more accurate reflection of public sentiment than any poll, especially one paid for by a for-profit company.

  • fb_100000841572599 avatar fb_100000841572599 Posted: 11/8/2011 5:33pm PST

    Hate them. The only people you see writing in to polls like this who favor the cameras are trolls working for the camera companies.

    Surely you were well aware when you wrote this that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Coalition for Safer Roads are both known front organizations for the camera companies! It was ridiculous to even bring them into the discussion. These are the camera companies manipulating data to get irresponsible and lazy writers to quote them.

    Some day they will be ruled illegal in this country and sent packing. They throw billions at politicians and they use police chiefs as their salesmen. They are no better than tobacco companies. Avoid all streets where cameras exist. Sink their profits.

  • fb_1044576787 avatar Matt Posted: 11/8/2011 11:49pm PST

    I almost never find myself in the intersection during a red light, so I'm more or less in favor of them. They do seem a little Big Brotherish though and I agree with the article in that it would be nice to have an opportunity to try to explain the thing away to a living being. The computer can't make a judgement call.

    No, I'm not a camera company troll. I work at Home Depot.

  • fb_100003105551136 avatar Hawkman Posted: 12/6/2011 11:04pm PST

    I find it interesting that this article quotes IIHS as this is something for safety when in fact, red light cameras have increased rear end collisions at many of their locations. Where in the article does it mention this? The study done quite a few years ago showed red light cameras actually made intersections with the cameras more dangerous than those without the cameras. I know for a fact that people will come to a screeching halt at a red light intersection on yellow for fear of getting a ticket. These tickets also increase the cost of insurance which is why IIHS is all for the cameras and why they tout the safety issue. Whats better when touting safety? Bringing safety of the kids into the mix.