• tramse1 avatar tramse1 Posted: 8/22/2011 8:24pm PDT

    That's sad news. I owned three of them - a '91, a '97, and an '01... all 4WD, the first two with sixes and and the last a V8 - and loved each of them. They were capable, reliable, trucks and, I thought, the perfect size. The pricing issues aside, I don't think the '05 re-styling was well received - and the truck never regained the sales momentum it lost. As for me, I compared an '03 Quad-Cab Dakota to an '03 Quad-Cab Cummins-powered Ram 2500 - and the big truck with the diesel cost just a couple-thou more than the Dakota. I'm now on my second 2500 - and I guess everyone else has gone full-size too. Au revoir, Dakota.

  • fb_1779529571 avatar Bill Posted: 8/22/2011 2:39pm PDT

    This decision has been in the works for awhile as is the replacement truck. Ram should transition smoothly with this product and when the new version hits the market, new jobs will follow. With Ram looking for places to manufacture a whole host of Fiat/Iveco based trucks for Ram a place will need to be found for all of them and for Dakota. This might be the only fly in the ointment Bet Chrysler wishes they didn't sell their Newark, Delaware plan where Durangos were made. Might have been an option.