• martinex avatar martinex Posted: 6/10/2011 12:50pm PDT

    Great so all I have to do is come up with 32 Gs. No problem. Companies like GM eviscerate the labor market then ask those same saps to by their products. Sorry fellas. You've killed the golden goose. Try Asia. I hear they're flush with cash.

  • USAFANG1967 avatar USAFANG1967 Posted: 6/10/2011 3:27pm PDT

    Sure it does until the battery warranty is gone!
    This is not a car you keep beyond 100k miles nor is it one to keep if you don't want to deal with a dealer for the rest of the time you own it!!

  • dgate avatar dgate Posted: 7/10/2012 8:13am PDT

    And what facts do you have to back up your comments other than your somewhat biased opinion?