• TomT Posted: 6/7/2011 3:33am PDT

    My 2000 Chevy Metro (3 cylinder, 5 speed, XFI cam) has a 38 month documented average of 45.6 mpg.

  • Ken Posted: 6/4/2011 1:57pm PDT

    The one I miss is the Charade. We had one with the 5-speed, 3 cyl. At 65 MPH, running the AC, this car got 51 MPG with four peope in it. It's a shame they gave up selling them here. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. With regualar maintenance, this car was still running great with over 80,000 miles when we traded it.

  • fb_1510606196 avatar Carl Posted: 6/3/2011 12:35pm PDT

    Eric - I can top that. My two brothers and both of my sons actually had and loved their smoky Saab three cylinder two strokers. While I was at GM, working on the XP-784 which became the Toronado I learned that DKW (now Audi Union) had some nearly identical.

  • fb_100000014015596 avatar Eric Posted: 6/3/2011 11:19am PDT

    My Dad bought 3 of the 3 banger Saabs, a 1960 93, a '61 96, and a '66 96, the last one with 3 one barrel carbs and really good performance from its 850CC 2 stroke 3.

  • fb_1001015277 avatar John Posted: 6/3/2011 5:40am PDT

    Looking at FuelEconomy.gov, even with recent MPG adjustment, the 1985 Chevy Sprint comes in at 47 MPG HWY and a stunning 39 MPG city. I guess this comes at the cost of no AC or acceleration, or crash worthiness. Details, Details.
    But what I found more shocking is that 1999 Chevy Metro gets 42 MPG hwy with 3-cyl manual but only 31 MPG hwy with a 4-cyl auto. That is a huge hit in efficiency for a minor change in driveline.

  • john_v avatar John Posted: 6/3/2011 4:50am PDT

    One we all forgot: The Saab 92-93-95-96 until 1968, with the three-cylinder *two-stroke* engine. I always liked that it was called 'the Shrike,' which as I recall is a family of particularly nasty little birds which is known for impaling its prey on thorns to make it easier to rip apart.

  • JoBlow Posted: 6/2/2011 10:50pm PDT

    You forgot to mention Innocenti car having three cyls engines.

  • bengt avatar Bengt Posted: 6/2/2011 10:33pm PDT

    @Stigsmate, Sounds like I should know my triples better...thanks for the catch (corrected above)!

  • Stigzmate Posted: 6/2/2011 8:39pm PDT

    That would actually be the Triumph Trident... Bonnevilles have always had 2 cylinders.