• hi100 avatar hi100 Posted: 6/9/2011 1:57pm PDT

    My Major Concerns about Honda are:
    They are consistent in Not helping their owners when they have problems with Honda autos.
    Brake Problems on many of their newer models across the board.
    Engines burning loads of Oil and Honda not helping the owners on it. This is the 4 and v6 models.
    Tranny Problems over the years in many models.
    Honda's quality has fallen over the years. Plus, they have not kept up with their competition. Heck they are offering 5 speeds tranny when others are into 6 or more speeds. They have not kept up with engine technology. Even Fiat has better valve controls in their engine. Honda's VVT is old technology and Diect fuel Injection are in many of Hyundai and other makes.
    Google other website for auto compaints, too