• JJ Posted: 5/26/2011 10:38am PDT

    How ridiculous is the restriction? Have they ever consider case of emergency..no male around to ask to drive to the hospital or any case of emergency where driving is a necessity...

  • paul Posted: 5/26/2011 5:32pm PDT

    These Muslims are so backward and moronic, it a miracle that they survive their stupidly. I have read that they mostly all in-bread. I do not know if this is true, but it makes sense since their mission seems to be based in insanity.

  • Carolyn Posted: 5/27/2011 2:26am PDT

    Perhaps the women need to escalate things a bit to make their point. I would suggest a women's camel caravan marching through the busiest areas, slowing down traffic."The dark ages are still with us!" would be the message, and this needs to be plastered all over the internet.

  • Mohammad Posted: 5/28/2011 8:29pm PDT

    I am a Muslim. My Wife, My mother, and my sister ALL DRIVE. Saudi Arabia doesn't represent Islam! Even Muslims are treated like shit there. So do not confuse the two as one!
    Thank you, Have a good day.

  • Robin Posted: 5/30/2011 12:01am PDT

    Paul - It's "in-bred". Who is the moron now?