• James Hampshire Posted: 5/24/2011 8:51pm PDT

    Who ever wrote this article ought to read two excellent articles that I have read in the past. One was from Consumer Reports and the other was by a government lab that basically debunked the dirty air filter/bad mileage myth. Present vehicles use the engine computer to keep the air/fuel ratio constant. As I recall, both articles proved that until an air filter is virtually plugged, the mileage varied VERY little. Several current and older models were tested. Only the power was affected, but no drastic mileage difference was detected. Obviously you should check the condition of the filter, but changing it prematurely benefits no one but those who produce the filters or those oil change shops that talk you into a new one.

  • Steve Offiler Posted: 5/25/2011 11:13am PDT

    James is absolutely correct. A dirty air filter does nothing but reduce power, and even then, the reduction only occurs at WIDE-OPEN-THROTTLE. Who drives foot on the floor when gas is $4 per gallon? Bottom line, air filter makes absolutely no difference unless or until it is so profoundly clogged that the engine is unable to run normally.

  • GetBetterGasMileageToday avatar GetBetterGasMileageToday Posted: 6/29/2011 11:18am PDT

    High gas prices are the largest tax increase on the poor and middle class in existence today. It is a direct result of some sick plan to eliminate SUV's and get us all driving little crap-cans. If this nation had a solid energy policy that promoted a balanced approach to providing energy, one that outlines clear and concise short and long term goals, we'd be better off. However, sticking it to fossil fuel companies because you're controlled by the environmentalists will continue to make the middle class and poor even poorer.