• fb_1451266842 avatar Kevin Posted: 5/24/2011 11:01am PDT

    It would be nice if an automotive blog, and the press in general, just got some facts right--maybe ask someone in the know next time? That is NOT "The Beast", the fabled 2009 Presidential Cadillac limo. That is the older 2005-era Cadillac DTS-based limousine. The beast is much much taller, and is based on a truck platform. It has an Escalade based grill and headlight system.

  • john Posted: 5/24/2011 10:24am PDT

    fool! everyone know remembers that this is the most high tech not-so-mobile luxury car on the planet. That's what makes it so FUNNY.

  • Nelson avatar Nelson Posted: 5/24/2011 12:16pm PDT

    Kevin, thanks for pointing that out, and my apologies for missing it. I've corrected the story above. The Beast is still an interesting car in its own right, and that, really was the point here.

  • fb_661100254 avatar Zach Posted: 1/25/2013 11:40am PST

    The story doesn't look corrected, and the gallery is misleading.

  • Bob Posted: 5/24/2011 2:57pm PDT

    Not sure that it high-sided, another view shows the front suspension on the driver's side collapsing.

  • Joe Posted: 5/24/2011 3:15pm PDT

    Do you think he was sitting in there laughing his arse off?

  • Dan Akerson's Empty Skull avatar Dan Akerson's Empty Skull Posted: 1/21/2013 8:20am PST

    Well, that isn't very eco friendly. Why isn't he driving around in some Prius? After all, he thinks fossil fuels are so bad.

  • Jimtwig avatar Jimtwig Posted: 1/21/2013 10:50am PST

    The TeaBagging trolls come out with their lies and attacks.

  • Dan Akerson's Empty Skull avatar Dan Akerson's Empty Skull Posted: 1/21/2013 11:25pm PST

    If you looked at the facts as much as you called names you might actually figure something out. Enjoy your crap economy.

  • fb_1036602173 avatar Janky Posted: 8/7/2013 12:53pm PDT

    President Obama just handed our his Presidential Limo ( the Beast ) to Jay Leno on the tonight show and he got that car frome http://www.luxury-collectibles.com/products/2009-cadillac-dts-presidential-limo-obama-all-new-1-48