• fb_100000441171985 avatar Doug Posted: 6/30/2011 11:26am PDT

    “service facility will want to know what, where and when your problem occurs”

    People can save a great deal of money by being articulate. Shops must charge for diagnosis time to remain in business and the costs add up when all the technician has to start with is a typical vague description.

    Poor auto repair issue communication is becoming more of a problem as people move in greater numbers to digital communication such as email, texting, and online appointment forms. The trend towards ever more brief messages is exasperating the lack of info problem which increases auto repair repair costs and decreases the chance of finding the correct solution the first time.

    Doug Fentiman
    Robert Maxim International Inc.
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  • oddstray Posted: 6/6/2011 10:13pm PDT

    "management could oversee the happenings below". It's only a matter of time before this finds its way to a Dilbert strip.