• Matt Posted: 4/26/2011 2:56pm PDT

    I'm waiting to read any day now that Mitsubishi will end it's sales in USA just like Isuzu did.

  • KP Posted: 4/26/2011 10:52am PDT

    I used to drool over the GSX model, but couldn't afford it or find one! I had a 98 GS Spyder with some heavy mods and thought it was a great car! The conv. top leaked like crazy, but other then that no problems! I'm sad to see it leave the market while the Galant remains?

  • Kurt Posted: 4/26/2011 10:06am PDT

    David, it's a shame you never got the first or second generation Eclipse models. I bought an Eclipse GSX (the turbo, AWD variant) back in 1991, and it was one of the best cars I've ever owned.

  • David Posted: 4/26/2011 9:17am PDT

    The Eclipse has never been sold here in Australia, although a 3rd generation model was displayed once at the 2002 (or maybe '04) Melbourne Motor Show, which indicated that Mitsubishi may have been considering importing it. It drew alot of attention from show goers at the time.