• Thomas Paine Posted: 4/5/2011 10:25pm PDT

    This is while Nissan is selling Titan pickup trucks that have a gas tank design defect resulting in gasoline leaks that it refuses to fix or even acknowledge. The result: if you buy a new Titan you may soon find you have a gas leak that costs about one thousand dollars to fix (the whole tank has to be replaced) and no guarantee that the fix will last more than a few weeks since the original design defect is in the replacement tank. The shame is that this defect could be cured by Nissan shielding the vulnerable part, probably for just a few dollars. But Nissan would rather have its customers pay thousands in repeated gas tank replacements and endure the danger of continued gasoline leaks than take responsibility and spend a few dollars itself. This is the real world as opposed to the fantasy world Nissan is trying to promote at the auto show.