• jerseygeoff Posted: 3/30/2011 6:50pm PDT

    Fine little story- with nothing but speculation instead of new thinking.
    Has anyone considered the impact of car sharing services like Zipcar etc?
    Where is any thought given to software ridesharing technologies that would turn a private single person used car into a taxi "club"?
    Personally I think the US will never again see over 13 million units per year with the bulk of decrease in ownership occurring in metropolitan areas.

  • B-Man Posted: 3/30/2011 9:35pm PDT

    With so many people coming after your money with inflated prices from so many directions these days, it makes good business sense to hang on to your car longer. Cars are really, really expensive. And they're lasting longer. Find a good one for you, keep it maintained and drive the hell outta it. You'll be smarter in dollars and sense and still be driving right. Just be sure and include generous helpings of Foghat, The Guess Who, The Tragically Hip and The Drive-By Truckers inside the cabin of your motorcar and your travels will be oh so delightfully rockin' right.

  • Matt Posted: 3/31/2011 10:24am PDT

    "Will Auto Sales Stay Lower Because Better Cars Last Longer"?
    Yes and no. Was going to buy a 2011 Honda CRV but Honda of America(the bean counters out in Calif) teed me off so much because they would not stand behind a know problem with the 2k3-4 Accord automatic transmissions EVEN when I had the Honda extended warranty!! They weaseled their way out of it. CR is right......Extended Warranties are a waste of money.
    So no more Hondas for me after being a loyal Honda buyer since they first came out with their Civic back in the mid seventies.