• Mirko Reinhardt Posted: 3/29/2011 11:36am PDT

    BMW's tagline in Germany has been the same since 1965 - "Freude am Fahren". Translate that into English and you get "The Joy of Driving".
    I'm not aware they used the "Ultimate Driving Machine" tagline anywhere but in North America. It sure would be to pompous to use in Germany - I'm pretty sure it was invented by some American marketer.

  • fb_595318012 avatar Jon Posted: 3/29/2011 5:01pm PDT

    It makes sense that BMW would only use it in America. Everything revolves around one-upmanship, and a tagline like this pretty much nails it.
    Freude am Fahren as you pointed out does sum it well, and keeps a consistent message. And that is way Better than VW's ill-fated Fahrvergnuegen. Americans have trouble enough with Enlgish let along German words.