• fb_100001675138371 avatar Jake Posted: 3/23/2011 1:42pm PDT

    And these people from Detroit are coming to a community near you so that they can screw it up just like they did Detroit...

  • fb_100001663981238 avatar Daniel Posted: 3/23/2011 11:50am PDT

    I also unfortunately don't think that it will recover to what it once was. Detroit did a bad job at retaining their population and it is going to be very difficult to rebuild from that.

  • WSE Posted: 3/23/2011 11:47am PDT

    Absolutely... taxing people out of existence has always been the road to recovery.

  • 3Deuce27 avatar 3Deuce27 Posted: 3/22/2011 11:19pm PDT

    I would like to think that $10.00 a gallon fuel and tariffs would do it, reinvigorate our dying industrial, rust belt cities, but...we will, most likely, drive our selves into the abyss(Skipping the ditch) before we have any common sense and stand up for ourselves against the trans national corporations. So no, I don't think Detroit will fully recover.