• Gary Posted: 3/25/2011 5:37am PDT

    This is taking away from a parents responsibility to for trust to there children. My son was 5-ft 10-inches tall, 150-lbs+ and a scholar and a trained and accomplished athlete at 12-years old. He was taller, heavier and more athletic than his mother at 12-years old. He would have been very embarrassed to have to use a child booster chair at that age and fought it.
    He is now over 32 years old, 6-ft 4-in, athletic and an accomplished college graduate and has two daughters. The 2-yr old which is 3+ feet tall and a 9-month old and both are all tall for there age and appear to be following in the growth pattern of there father.
    The use of these child safety devices should be left to the responsibility of the parents and not be mandated by laws.