• fb_1210715258 avatar John Posted: 3/8/2011 5:46pm PST

    @ D.D. permission to rant is granted and very much enjoyed. Thanks!

  • headcase avatar headcase Posted: 3/8/2011 4:05pm PST

    I shake my head in bewilderment yet one more time at the automakers' attempted simplification of driving automobiles (at the same time making everything under the skin more complex by the year). I sometimes believe they are shooting for cars that will take themselves where they need to go...without a driver. Permit a not-so-old Old Schooler to rant yet again - I prefer gauges. With real needles and numbers. The more the merrier. If I had enough room on the dash, I would install the usual suspects like water temp, volts, oil pressure. Along with trans temp, vacuum, ammeter and oil temp. I like to keep tabs on whats going on in parts unseen. Along with using the ears and backside to detect if anything is wrong. Most drivers nowadays expect to be as comfortable and mind-numb as sitting on the sofa in front of American Idol. Then again, all those gauges distract from the important things, like cellphones, texting and nav systems. Only 750 characters?? Grrrr....