• Jim Walters Posted: 1/29/2011 10:49pm PST

    The Phantom V formerly owned by John Lennon as John says here is owned by the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC, Canada. It was donated to the Province of BC by the then owner Jimmy Pattison after he displayed it at Expo 86 in Vancouver, BC. It is currently on display in the lobby of the RBCM as of January 2011. It is usually displayed there from November to May each year unless it is loaned out to another museum. It has been displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (2004)(above picture) and the Henry Ford Museum (2007) I am looking for the original TV that used to be in this car. If you have a circa 1967 Sony Transistor 12 volt portable TV that you are willing to part with please contact me at jim@bristolmotors.com It's actually 19 feet, 10 inches long, I had to measure it just last week to see if it would fit in an enclosed car trailer.