• Bill Burke Posted: 12/30/2010 9:57am PST

    In an effort to cut every penny from manufacturing costs and suppliers doing the same, has led to a rash of recalls by many auto manufacturers. This is especially bad for some makers which are struggling to improve quality and image. Suppliers should be more closely monitored for excessive cost compromises that are hard to detect during assembly. Personnally, I have found most of what I buy from China looks ok but in a short time proves to be junk. Detroit be warned, maybe the cheap item you buy today will cost more in the end.
    Thank goodness Chrysler and others are willing to accept responsibility and fix the problems.

  • Tom J Posted: 12/30/2010 12:21pm PST

    You (Chrysler) closed my dealer! I'm just going to take my POS Fiat Journey down to the nearest Ford dealer. Thanks for nothing once again Fiat/Chrysler llc

  • rickmyers Posted: 12/30/2010 6:20pm PST

    This is unfortunate for Chrysler, but in their defense they have taken responsibility for these flaws and recalled the vehicles unlike Toyota. In response to TOM J, you may wind up with a Turkish built POS.

  • Al_Bundy Posted: 12/31/2010 12:36pm PST

    Yeah right. They got caught, so they got to pay. Many manufacturers are aware of defects. But they still send defective units to dealer lots with hope that severity of potential failures would not warrant a recall. Sometimes this kind of risk pays off, sometimes it does not.

  • Susan C. Posted: 1/2/2011 7:44am PST

    I would like to know when the dealership found out about this - i bought my Dodge Ram 1500 on December 23, 2010 and specifically asked them about any recalls and they said only recalls they knew of were for 2010. But I trust the deal I got and will trust them with fixing the problems because I LOVE MY TRUCK!!!!

  • richard avatar Richard Posted: 1/3/2011 3:15am PST

    @Susan: It looks like the manufacturer first submitted the recall documents to the NHTSA on December 24. So the good news is that your dealer was telling the truth. The bad news is that your timing was lousy :(

  • Jim Posted: 3/4/2011 7:01am PST

    My 2009 Journey is the worst car i have bought.And was my first dodge.But will not buy another.Went through 4 sets of brakes.Paint blistered.Ttransmission had to be replaced.$ sets of rotors .Wiring probs with warning lights on and driver controls not working.And dealer laughs at me and says suck it up we will do nothing