• Britt Posted: 4/27/2011 6:56pm PDT

    You know, it's worth driving all the vans for yourself and not relying only on reviews to make your decision. Of everything we drove we were surprised by how well it handled and how comfortable and thoughtful the interior is. I'm trading in a competitor's van and i have to say I HATE the 3rd row seats that fold into the foor. Sounds good but try clearing it out to fold the seats down outside of a rainy supermarket and you'll despise it like it do. The fact that the 3rd row on the Quest folds forward and there's a covered trunk you can use regardless of set positions turned out to be a key decision point for me. The way the sliding and rear doors work was terrific, all seats were comfy. Really, it's worth trying out for yourself. We love it

  • TX_Daddy avatar TX_Daddy Posted: 6/29/2011 9:41pm PDT

    I am with Britt. The Quest is an excellent minivan. I purchased one a couple of weeks ago after driving all the others first. The ride, quietness, handling, acceleration and braking are the complete package. 3rd row seats that fold into the floor are great, but how great is it when the 2nd and 3rd row fold down flat and you can still use the "trunk" area at the same time. Have you ever had to remove the 2nd row seats from a minivan? or put them back in? Total pain in the . . .
    The styling of the Quest is a bit different, but I don't look around the parking lot at the mall wondering where my van is either. If you are looking for a new van, you owe it to yourself to drive them all, I think you will be pleasently suprised with the Quest.

  • Rick Posted: 2/17/2011 8:49am PST

    The c-pillars and square backend to the greenhouse absolutely make this design a fail.

  • Rick Posted: 2/3/2011 2:57pm PST

    Too square. As noted, it looks like a huge, bloated, boringly square Mazda5.

  • Iris Posted: 1/29/2011 11:51am PST

    I agree w/Dan - Nissan Quest used to be the best looking of the "mini" vans even though it was huge. Now it just looks like an effed-up Mazda5. Also, I wanted to comment on the person complaining about the leather seats - I think with a little thought there might be a solution, such as CLOTH SEATCOVERS, maybe? Surely someone makes some that fit Nissan seats and won't interfere w/airbags and such. Just a thought! Thanks

  • Vince Posted: 1/27/2011 5:11pm PST

    So smaller, less fuel efficient and uglier than my 2007 model. No thanks Nissan

  • Dan Posted: 1/15/2011 12:34pm PST

    I feel like such a jerk for having to say this, but that thing is ugly even by minivan standards.

  • Sue Posted: 12/14/2010 2:41pm PST

    Looks as though we'll buy another Honda Odyssey because of the better fuel efficiency. Wonder why all minivans can't offer Bluetooth, as Quest does, without getting leather seats. Our family prefers cloth seats for comfort. The Toyota Sienna has a hideous interior so that's out of the question. Keeping the floor clean with all those tracks would be a full-time job.

  • JKD Posted: 12/13/2010 7:09am PST

    How fast is it? With 260 HP and smaller (assuming lighter package too) it should theoretically be faster than Sienna but who knows... probably not... kind of a sucky and half-assed van if you ask me.