• Lad Makinde Posted: 12/13/2010 2:58pm PST

    Although I understand the point you're making, I have to slightly disagree with your wording. I do not believe blogging and or blogs are dead. The truth of matter is that blogs are simply becoming more redefined, and more efficient. When blogging first became popular, it was more of a threat to the printed newspaper, and journalists. Now because of all the avenues to information that we have, and the speed at which we can get that information, simply writing an article is not good enough anymore. But that doesn't mean a blog cannot be successful. It's all about integration with all the tools that are relevant and available to each given brand. Case in point this article is on a blog, that I was able to find because of a tweet that a follower sent out. Blogs aren't dead, they're evolving into a more efficient medium.