• richard avatar Richard Posted: 11/30/2010 6:42am PST

    @Steph: Not sure what the difference is between haggling in the showroom and haggling online -- at least in this case. The sellers on Kia's eBay page are local Kia dealers, not just any old Joe with a car to unload. I think that many people would be more confident negotiating online than face-to-face with a salesperson, so from the buyer's perspective, Kia's eBay page is a great alternative.

  • fb_541733233 avatar Steph Posted: 11/29/2010 11:06am PST

    You say you love that shoppers can haggle online but wouldn't it be better for them to have a haggle free new car price they can trust and rely on in the first place?
    The reality is that he who haggles best does best in the showroom whereas those who know least pay most.
    I don't think that's right,fair or honest when it comes to brand new cars.
    FOXY Steph
    This is not a criticism of Kia by the way as they have demonstrated their customer friendly credentials by being the first to offer a 7 year 100k mile warranty (and for reliable cars in the first place).