• David Forbes Posted: 11/7/2010 8:16am PST

    This seems like a decent promotion, although the choice of automobile seems to appeal to the over 65 group rather than the 50 somethings. I believe the promotion would be better if there was a larger choice of qualifying automobiles.

  • fb_100001651652822 avatar Medicare Posted: 9/12/2011 8:48am PDT

    AARP also brands Medicare products for Seniors. Let's hope they do more promotions like this in order to get their support

  • Paul Echelberger Posted: 11/4/2010 4:31pm PDT

    Do you suppose many of these people are buying because it's bang for the buck since it's used for the purpose intended, moving one hind-end from point A to B. I was privileged to travel to the UP this past summer two couples, a dog with trunked packed to the gills. Very quite and super smooth riding and driving at least 5 mph over the speed limit 32+mpg. Many people go for bang for the buck instead trying to impress others. Why change something that works, for those who buy computer for a computer and car for a car! And I tend to be a Ford guy for the last 64 years still have my 13 year old Mercury Mistake V-6 drivers car chassis and a second one in the wings went the orginal finally needs replaced. It's all about maintenance done properly. Be even easier if we could lose the salt in the winter time!!!!

  • Tall1 Posted: 11/4/2010 10:58am PDT

    When will this model die? I know that it sells better than the Malibu, but come on if it were not around the Malibu would at least pick up some of those Impala shoppers. This is one of those models that hurts a brand because of lack of evolution and updates.